Finance, burlesque and comedy – The Lulu Show

in November 2015 my first one woman show premiered in Oslo.

«The Lulu Show – livet er en dans på renter» is a comic burlesque cabaret serving finance, temptation and world debt dressed as cocktails under dimmed lights. The show got top reviews and was sold out the year through. Won the Norwegian Comic Award for «Best Female Artist» in 2015, and is now playing at Chat Noir Theatre. (September 7. – 17. )

«Lulu» is a nightclub hostess with macro economy as her main topic. The set is a German club from the 1930s. Featuring a three piece band: Anders Aarum on keys, Svein Erik Martinsen on guitars and bass guitar and Hermund Nygård on drums and double bass.

Directed by Teodor Janson. Lulu_v2The Lulu Show – Hilde Louise

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