The Lulu Show at Edinburgh Fringe 2017


TheLuluShow Edfringe Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance

«The Lulu Show: Life on the never-never» performed 24 shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. In the dim light of the basement at Rose Theatre, the Fringe audience was invited into Lulu’s strip down of the financial system through burlesque and dark comedy.  And they liked it.

BroadwayBaby: 5/5 «Hilde Louise’s sly and sexy piece examines the financial crisis – via burlesque, jazz and sharp humour. Magnetic stage presence, impossible to ignore, demanding the audience’s attention with a flick of her eyelashes.»

One4Review: 4/5 «Cleverly written and wonderfully performed, this show has all the elements required for a great night of cabaret.»

ThreeWeeksEdinburgh: 4/5 «With amazingly distinctive vocals and inventive routines, Louise is an irresistible performer with a talent for pulling her audience in, even when discussing the most seemingly mundane topics. A fantastic cabaret show.»

Audience reviews: «Part burlesque, part lecture, part concert, this show is terrific. Special mention for the band of three very talented musicians who admirably supported Lulu’s wonderful show.»

«Wonderful, ridiculous, intelligent comedy, with a foundation of truly talented singing and performance and a solid live backing band. Hilde guided us into a truly zainy world, using all her fine tuned cabaret experience to go beyond cabaret..she becomes a clown, in the true sense, using the props and gimmicks and songs of cabaret to transcend past them. Go and see this show.»

«Best show this year! Intelligent, provocative and witty the hour flew past and I could have happily watched it again straight after. The basement venue helps give a feeling of 1920s cabaret theme and Lulu’s burlesque talents are very impressive (better than the burlesque show we watched the same night!). Thoroughly recommend The Lulu Show 5*»


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe


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