The Lulu Show at Edinburgh Fringe 2017


TheLuluShow Edfringe Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance

«The Lulu Show: Life on the never-never» performed 24 shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. In the dim light of the basement at Rose Theatre, the Fringe audience was invited into Lulu’s strip down of the financial system through burlesque and dark comedy.  And they liked it.

BroadwayBaby: 5/5 «Hilde Louise’s sly and sexy piece examines the financial crisis – via burlesque, jazz and sharp humour. Magnetic stage presence, impossible to ignore, demanding the audience’s attention with a flick of her eyelashes.»

One4Review: 4/5 «Cleverly written and wonderfully performed, this show has all the elements required for a great night of cabaret.»

ThreeWeeksEdinburgh: 4/5 «With amazingly distinctive vocals and inventive routines, Louise is an irresistible performer with a talent for pulling her audience in, even when discussing the most seemingly mundane topics. A fantastic cabaret show.»

Audience reviews: «Part burlesque, part lecture, part concert, this show is terrific. Special mention for the band of three very talented musicians who admirably supported Lulu’s wonderful show.»

«Wonderful, ridiculous, intelligent comedy, with a foundation of truly talented singing and performance and a solid live backing band. Hilde guided us into a truly zainy world, using all her fine tuned cabaret experience to go beyond cabaret..she becomes a clown, in the true sense, using the props and gimmicks and songs of cabaret to transcend past them. Go and see this show.»

«Best show this year! Intelligent, provocative and witty the hour flew past and I could have happily watched it again straight after. The basement venue helps give a feeling of 1920s cabaret theme and Lulu’s burlesque talents are very impressive (better than the burlesque show we watched the same night!). Thoroughly recommend The Lulu Show 5*»


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe


TheLuluShow Jazz Burlesque Comedy Finance Edfringe



Finance, burlesque and comedy – The Lulu Show

in November 2015 my first one woman show premiered in Oslo.

«The Lulu Show – livet er en dans på renter» is a comic burlesque cabaret serving finance, temptation and world debt dressed as cocktails under dimmed lights. The show got top reviews and was sold out the year through. Won the Norwegian Comic Award for «Best Female Artist» in 2015, and is now playing at Chat Noir Theatre. (September 7. – 17. )

«Lulu» is a nightclub hostess with macro economy as her main topic. The set is a German club from the 1930s. Featuring a three piece band: Anders Aarum on keys, Svein Erik Martinsen on guitars and bass guitar and Hermund Nygård on drums and double bass.

Directed by Teodor Janson. Lulu_v2The Lulu Show – Hilde Louise

Goodnight Irene

And thank you for treating my new girlfriend so well. I just went out to check on her, and she was as beautiful as ever, cleaned up and generously greeting the somewhat puzzled visitors, coming out of their shelters like toddlers walking for the first time.

Bloomberg and the people in charge did an amazing job preparing for a worst case scenario. Bravo!

Sadly, Long Island and big parts of the west coast weren’t treated as well as Manhattan, and I feel for the people suffering in any way from the hurricane.

Personally the biggest event last night was locking myself out of the apartment! Just as we were told that the hurricane was about to hit us, someone ringed my doorbell, and barefoot, without keys, phone or money, I was standing in the hallway, not knowing anybody in the building. At first, I met four young party people upstairs, obviously coming home from a rave, neon paint on their cheeks, eyes the size of lightbowls, high on something I never tried, and in the middle of a fight. They tried to help me out the window, but their apartment didn’t have fire escape ladders, so it was a bad idea. Then, they really concentrated to help me dial the numbers of five different supervisors, who were all out of town. Finally, I was let out on the right side of the building by the neighbors beneath me, and thank God, I had left one window in my place open, that I could climb through. Phew!!!

So now the rest of my stay in NY continues, writing and struggeling by the piano.

PS: As I expected, Irene gave me inspiration for a new song. The lyrics came to me walking around in the recovered area between SoHo and Greenwich Village. Thank you Irene! You will hear it on the next album.

Have a good one!

Mens vi venter på Irene.

Jaha! Så var det på sin plass at den første orkanen siden 1985 skulle treffe New York akkurat denne helgen.  Og jeg som skal på konsert med Eivind Opsvik på Cornelia Street Café på lørdag!

I går tok jeg taxi til West Village, fordi jeg var sent ute. Kanskje den dårligste idéen jeg har hatt siden jeg lot to hyggelige ungdommer i Havana overtale meg til å veksle inn alle pengene mine til lokal valuta..  Nok om det. Taxiene her har sin egen nyhetskanal som vises på skjerm i baksetet, og der kunne de fortelle at det bare var å «buckle up» og gjøre seg klare for katastrofe-situasjon over hele Manhattan. Drosjesjåføren, der i mot, som var indisk, hadde ikke tenkt å gjøre «a damn thing», fordi disse nyhetskanalene overdriver alt hele tiden. Han hadde personlig kjørt drosje ved Ground Zero mens jordskjelvet pågikk tidligere i uken, og hverken han eller kunden hadde merket noe som helst, men lurt på hvorfor folk stod og stirret oppover på skyskraperene. Som svaiet..

Selv satt jeg i leiligheten i SoHo akkurat da, og spilte skalaer, så jeg hørte heller ikke noe til skjelvet.

Min fabelaktige «piano-lærer», tangent-kunstner Jeremy Manasia, mente også at nyhetene overdriver noe fryktelig her borte, «de må ha noe å skrive om», som han sa. Nå trodde jeg vel at akkurat det ikke var et problem i USA, men det var nå det han sa.

I dag, der i mot, begynner jeg å lure litt. Nå har altså borgermesteren erklært unntakstilstand, og evkuerer gamle- og sykehjem på Manhattan. Det sies at den sydlige delen av Manhattan kan oversvømmes. Jeg bor i SoHo, i gå-avstand til den sydligste spissen av øya, men bor i en 5-etasjes bolig i mur, godt over gateplan, dog ikke høyt nok til at den bør svaie noe særlig under press.

Det var akkurat en mann fra UPC på døra. Han sa nettopp det som er så innlysende, og litt foruroligende:

– Dette er New York. Alt skjer her. Men vi har ikke noen rutiner for orkaner, vi vet ikke hva det er, så «What can we do? Buy  a flashlight!». –  Inviter noen venner og lag en fest, sa han. – Det går sikkert bra.

Akkurat nå skinner sola, det er 29 varmegrader ute, og jeg hører lyden av en som sveiser i nabobygget. Skal ut og handle vin, vann og mat, og så er det tilbake til skrivingen.

Mulig jeg prøver meg på litt feitere skalaer mot helgen. Kanskje det kommer noen å henter meg da?

It must be a «she»..

Greetings from a lonely loft in SoHo, NYC, on my second week in this very attractive city. Although it is 26 degrees outside, and I am more tanned than ever, I prefer to put it like Billie Holiday: «Autumn in New York, why must it be so inviting..»

I am here to write. My sixth album came out in June, featuring a collection of my old songs in a new, stripped down versions. And it was really a planned turning point to me. For 10 years now, I have been juggling two horses. Writing and acting on the Norwegian cabaret stage on one hand, and writing and singing jazzy cabaret in english on the other. It is time to gather the troops. Write new music with lyrics in my own language. You wouldn’t believe it, but it is quite a challenge. All my references and all my musical idols write in English. I can not find a similar playground in the Norwegian lyrics history. But I feel I am getting the hang of it now. So in between playing scales on the keyboard and breaking my nails on the ukulele, I wander about on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Avenue, lovin’ the way you can walk almost everywhere in this city, as longs as you put on the right shoes. (Which I hardly ever do). It is so huge and a little bit scary on the map, but once you get out on the street, it greets you saying: «Welcome! You’re almost there, it’s just around the next block.»

It must be a «she»!

This was my first blog. More to come. I have sushi waiting!