Proud to present the music video made for «Don’t Stay For Breakfast». Directed by the gifted Jørgen Nordby, choreographed by Lisbeth Espeland and featuring the unique dance crew from «Chicago – The Musical». Recorded in the deck at Oslo Nye Teater.




My latest album presents 10 brand new, swinging tunes recorded with Hilde Louise Orchestra in March 2015. With Julie London, Louis Prima and Duke Ellington on my playlist, I’ve has written tunes about black coffee, shoes and optional breakfast.

I was thrilled to be working with Georg «Jojje» Wadenius as a co-producer. He has produced albums for Silje Nergaard, Lisa Ekdahl and many more, played with Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and an unknown number of great artists AND being a member of the epic  «Blood, Sweat and Tears». Honored!

Check it out: Spotify – Hilde Louise Orchestra – Don’t Stay For Breakfast

It has been released in Norway, Germany and France.



The front cover is made by the sensational contemporary artist Hariton Pushwagner. www.pushwagner.com


Supported by The Composers’ Remuneration Fund and FFUK

Stettglass, tropenetter og Oslo Jazzfestival m.m.


Fredag 13. juni kommer «Hovedøen» i ny drakt! Vår egen versjon av sommer-klassikeren er klar for strømming og nedlastning, her i WiMP:

Hovedøen – Hilde Louise & The Orchestra

Eller last ned fra iTunes:

Denne har vi hatt det veldig mye moro med på konserter over en 3 års periode, og endelig fått samlet oss til å gjøre en innspilling i gode gamle Kruttrøyk Studio i Møllergata. Kun de beste gutta kan høres her:
Anders Aarum, Jens Fossum, Svein Erik Martinsen, Hermund Nygård, Atle Nymo, Kåre Nymark jr. og Jørgen Gjerde. M.a.o. bandet bak ‘Round About Christmas. Anders Aarum har mixet, og jeg synes dette må være hans beste håndarbeid så langt.

Vi spiller følgende konserter i sommer:
Steinkjer – 20. juni
Gjøvik – 4. juli
Grimstad – 20. juli
Oslo Jazzfestival – 15. august
Øvre Eiker, Paviljongen – 23. august.

Mellom disse skal jeg skrive låter og tekster for to-tre nye prosjekter, slikke sol og konsumere en hel del bobler fra stettglass.
Min spilleliste for sommeren kan høres i WiMP:

Stettglass og tropenetter

Guys, dolls and hard work

Hans Marius Hoff Mittet, Hilde Louise, Andrea Bræin Hovig and Kåre Conradi

Hans Marius Hoff Mittet, Hilde Louise, Andrea Bræin Hovig and Kåre Conradi

"Pet Me Poppa"

«Pet Me Poppa»

Phew. Feels like my first day off since November. And maybe it is. We startet reharsing «Guys and Dolls» at Oslo Nye Teater around then, and releasing ‘Round About Christmas the exact same day has filled my head and my calendar, days and nights. The album was a success, made me so proud, considering we made it out of pure love for eachother and the music, me and my little orchestra. We sold out and was announced Christmas album of the year. My booking is now planning a Christmas tour for 2014, and I can hardly wait, having played just one single concert this Christmas.

In the meantime, my head has been filled with the lines and steps of «Ms Adelaide», the nightclub singer, and one of the four leads in «Guys and Dolls». We opened this friday, the 31st of January, and the response and the reviews have been stunning. On behalf of Oslo Nye Teater, the beautiful cast, the devoted creative staff behind the scene, the gifted director; Svein Sturla Hungnes and the exquisite choreographer Marianne Skovli, I am so happy right now.

Nothing pleases me more than when really hard working people get the acclaim that they deserve.


Lunacy (Månesjuk) – the film

So our little film is finished. Made in one take in my favourite bar in Oslo, Palace Grill. The term «Månesjuk» could be translated into «lunacy» in english. It describes how the full moon can make you sleepless. And further on, the way sleeplessness can make people a little bit crazy. Lack of sleep increase our weaknesses.

I think the world is a bit «månesjuk» in general these days.
Wish you all good nights sleep!

Autumn in Oslo

While summer hesitates to let go of Oslo, I rehearse christmas classics with my band, also writing one original song for the album, that will be available on November 25th.
We are recording in the legendary SONO Records Studio in Prague, and I am thrilled to bring my boys away for this jazz session.

In the meantime we are finishing up my latest music video for «Månesjuk» (eng. moon sick) Filmed by the gifted photographer and graphic designer Anna Julia Granberg, Blunderbuss. A fun experiment made in the bar of Palace Grill in Oslo, made with one still camera and no clips.



While waiting for this to come, you can enjoy my previous Blunderbuss film.