Christmas Is A Lullaby

Hilde Louise's Christmas Album

Hilde Louise’s Christmas Album

«The snow is snowin’, the wind is blowin'», but Christmas comes along to me as a soothing lullaby. And that is why I love the American classics so much. They are uplifting, funny, warm, and very often they are delivered by extraordinary jazz musicians. They make me happy, and Christmas should be a happy time. In the middle of that dark and heavy period of the year when summer is far and you dont remember what it feels like to walk bare foot in the grass. A time to forget and forgive and look forward. «Next year all our troubles will me miles away». A Lullaby.

This year I have made my own merry and swinging Christmas album. With people that I love and admire, and that have made a great impact on my life, both personally and professionaly. The horns: Kåre Nymark jr., Atle Nymo and Jørgen Gjerde. My star of a pianoplayer and producer, Anders Aarum. Ever so steady and cherful, Jens Fossum on the bass. Bluesy and swinging like no other guitarplayer in Norway; Svein Erik Martinsen, and the only new boy in the class; gentle, grooving and smiling all the time; Hermund Nygård on the drums.
The sugar on top is made out of two international stars; Norways soul queen, Noora Noor, who sings along on «What Are You Doing New Years Eve?» and my dear friend, Ane Brun, who acompanies me on my first original Christmas song; Christmas Is A Lullaby.
Preorder the album on iTunes! There is also a video coming up and some other stuff. Keep you posted!